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Multimedia Design Portfolio

email template design

Email Templates
Compatible with all email clients and including all delivery analytics data

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interactive stationery & artwork

Interactive Stationery
Intelligent designs incorporating advanced interactivity for business streamlining

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design for print

Print Design
All formats for marketing, training and sales events

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multimedia marketing and training presentations

Interactive Presentations
Onscreen designs for conferences, sales presentations and training events

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Multimedia Presentations

I design bespoke animated infographics and multimedia presentations for all devices and environments - from large screen conference presentations to mobile apps.

With so many devices available it's essential that the message or information we aim to deliver is clear on all platforms.

I create unique, effective and impactful digital projects for all media.

Innovative & stylish business presentations for product marketing, conferences, web delivery and more . . .


online marketing presentation demo

Email Marketing Campaigns

I design emails that will connect with your prospective customers. By identifying what your customers want I produce emails that will engage, inform and motivate your customers.

To ensure each campaign is delivered effectively they are carefully monitored in the following ways:

Without this information you're shooting in the dark


design for email marketing campaigns

Interactive stationery & forms

We all appreciate well designed stationery and forms. We understand what a time-saver intelligent design can be. It's not just an aesthetic thing.

Many businesses haven't realised the potential that well designed interactive stationery offers. Many persist in using the same formats they've been using for decades

When was the last time you reviewed your company's stationery and documentation?

Many companies could be working a lot smarter!


interactive stationery

Design for print

Besides offering a full digital design service, I also provide a complete print design service for litho and digital print.

I have developed multimedia projects which combine web promotions, digital product demonstrations, conference and event material - including posters, leaflets, training manuals and brochures.

It's a complete design service.


design for print demo